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How do I track a shipment?

How do I find a tracking number for a shipment I previously created?

Can I be advised by e-mail once my package is delivered?

Can I be advised by e-mail if there is an issue with a delivery?

My package is "on delivery". What time will my package arrive?

How do I update the address on a shipment I am expecting?

Is it possible to have my shipment delivered to a different address?

What happens when no one is home to accept a shipment?

When tracking, how do I view the Proof of Delivery?

Track a Shipment

Track $MODEL<p>Enter up to 75 tracking numbers / PINs or tracking references in the box below.</p>
<li>Each item should be separated by a new line, space, comma(,) or semicolon(;)</li>
<li>To only track by reference, enclose each tracking reference in double quotes (i.e. "reference123")</li>
<li>To only track by tracking number / PIN, enclose each tracking number / PIN in single quotes (i.e. '123456789012')</li>

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