Purolator Inc.

Purolator Packaging & Shipping Supplies

Purolator offers a variety of shipping supplies and packaging solutions to meet your shipping needs. We offer the Purolator Express Envelope, Purolator Express Pack, and Purolator Express Box at no charge.  Alternatively you can also use your own shipping supplies. Purolator’s shipping Centres have a full line of packaging products and shipping supplies including small shipping boxes and courier packaging which are designed for the rigours of movement through a shipping system or for when you need sturdy cartons for other purposes. For more information on Purolator packaging solutions, click here.


Purolator Express® Box*

A durable corrugated cardboard box that is ideal for shipping binders, large documents and other items that may require handling protection.




Purolator Express® Pack

A convenient, easy to use, sealable bag that is tear free and water resistant. For shipments up to 3 lb, use the Purolator Express Pack to get your package to its destination via the fastest mode.



Purolator Express® Envelope

A legal-sized cardboard envelope that is ideal for shipping all of your important documents.



*Purolator Express® Box is only available when shipment is prepared using an automated shipping system. See Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service for details.