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Shipping Systems

We offer a wide range of shipping tools designed to help you every step of the way. Discover which shipping system is right for you based on the needs of your business.

Purolator E-Ship® Online

Purolator E-Ship Online (ESO) is a fully-featured, web-based shipping system designed to provide the most common features needed in the most demanding shipping environments.

ESO automates many of the steps required to create, send, and manage multiple shipments, and helps to improve the accuracy and visibility of your shipments as they travel through our network. It enables you to be more productive by helping you save time and effort. And best of all, it’s available online anytime, anywhere with Internet access.

You have the ability to setup your own preferences, manage your shipping requirements online in a few easy steps: Create a shipment, schedule a pickup up to 10 days in advance, choose packaging type and delivery options from a dynamic list of what is specifically available from your location, and get an account-based estimate of your shipping costs in seconds.

Easy to use
You can view your most recent shipments and pickups at a glance on one screen after you login. ESO auto-populates address fields and customs documentation, which helps you save time, eliminates errors, and generates customized reports on your online shipping activity and history.

Enhanced shipment visibility
View precisely where your package is throughout our network by tracking your shipment in real-time, from the moment it is picked up until it is in your customer’s hands. Using our Proactive Notification feature, you can receive an e-mail notification and also notify up to four recipients by e-mail when a shipment has been created; when a delivery is completed; and when a scheduled delivery time has changed.

Advanced features
ESO offers a variety of functionality that enables you to effectively manage your shipping activity and helps speed up the process of recurring tasks.

  • Establish shipping batches to help setup and manage recurring shipments to multiple recipients.
  • Create return labels to include with your shipment or without an associated outbound shipment that can be either printed and sent to your customer, or e-mailed as an attachment at no additional charge.
  • Easily set up secure third-party shipping that lets you control who is allowed to ship on your account and informs you by e-mail whenever a third party ships on your account online.
  • Use ESO’s fully featured address book to create Group Shipments when you need to send the same shipment to many recipients at the same time.
  • Set up shipping templates with our Batch Shipping feature to assist when you send the same information to various recipients again and again.
  • Get complete transparency on the shipping activity on any of the accounts you use within ESO with downloadable reports.
  • Benefit from alerts and e-mail notifications regarding delivery times and potential delays, sent to you and your identified contacts with our Proactive Notification feature.
  • Ship your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments with Purolator Freight® through ESO. Simply select the Purolator Freight Services option from your ESO menu to start shipping and enjoy the benefits, including auto-populated bills of lading and pallet shipping labels. Learn more about Purolator Freight.

Ready to get started?
To access Purolator E-Ship Online, register today and start shipping. You can register for online shipping and also open a Purolator Business Account at the same time. Register and start shipping.

You can also view our how-to videos that will walk you through some of our online tools:

Purolator E-Ship® Server

Purolator E-Ship Server (ESS) is designed to help you manage the scope and complexity of your logistics requirements more efficiently within a traditional warehouse environment or high traffic mailroom.

What is ESS
ESS is a stand-alone shipping system that thrives in a warehouse-shipping environment where fast transaction speed is crucial. Beyond the ability to integrate a vast array of peripherals, it is also a fully deployed web server running our shipping software. ESS is capable to integrate within your network and enable your employees to access the service right from their desks. 

What you’ll receive
We provide you with complimentary software and hardware, including a PC, monitor, keyboard, thermal printer and electronic scale. We also provide you with the support you need to integrate ESS with your existing systems, and to help you maximize the time and cost advantages you can achieve with ESS.

Functionality at a glance:


  • Create and manage your Purolator Courier® and Purolator Freight® shipments using one streamlined shipping system
  • Streamline Group and Batch Shipping
  • Ship using multiple Purolator Business Accounts
  • Print shipping labels and customs documentation
  • Create future-dated and ship-to-hold shipments
  • Create return labels and shipping documents
  • Choose from pre-paid, collect or third-party billing
  • Automatically add your own shipping and handling charges to your shipping rates
  • Import address lists, as well as customer and product databases
  • Save time on customs documentation with pre-populated fields
  • Add our Purolator E-Ship® Server API service offering and integrate Purolator’s shipping functionality into your core business systems or website


  • Track shipments in real time
  • Create your own shipment tracking codes based on your order and invoice numbers
  • Automatically notify recipients that a shipment is on its way and provide a tracking number or shipment reference
  • Subscribe up to five e-mail addresses to receive proactive e-mail notifications about the delivery status of their shipment


  • Create a variety of custom reports from Purolator E-Ship® Server Connect to assist you with cost analysis, future planning and more 

Find out more about the advantages of ESS and its advanced capabilities that can help streamline processes in your mailroom, order desk or shipping department.

For more information regarding our qualification criteria, please contact your Account Executive or call our Technical Support Service Desk at 1 800 459-5599.

Purolator E-Ship® Certified Providers

A number of commercial software companies have successfully integrated the ability to ship with us, providing you with many options in accessing our services.

Purolator E-Ship® Certification Program

Shipping solutions developed by our commercial providers are based on Purolator’s specifications, and are designed to provide you with a suite of transportation and distribution services to help meet the needs of your business.

Benefits of using solution from a Purolator E-Ship Certified Provider include:

  • Processing shipments from multiple carriers on a single system, including truckload and less-than-truckload
  • Managing all transportation expenditures from a single system
  • Improving workflow and shipment accuracy by reducing manual processes such as duplicate data entry
  • Integrating seamlessly with host systems to automate data transfer
  • Customizing user interfaces and workflows to meet your specific needs

Features and Functionality

If you are considering an automated shipping system, choosing a solution certified by the Purolator E-Ship® Certification Program allows you to take advantage of our suite of distribution services, without compromising the speed and efficiency that you rely on with us.

The Purolator E-Ship Certification Program ensures that the solution provider has met our standards for product selection, rating, labelling, manifesting and reporting. By selecting a shipping solution that is in compliance with the requirements of our Purolator E-Ship Certification Program you can be assured that it accurately represents our products and services.

Below is a list of certified commercial providers. Please contact our commercial providers directly to determine the shipping solution that best meets your needs.

Company Name Product Name Product Version Certification Date Certification Specifications Version Service Offered and supported to date
2Ship Solutions Inc 2Ship 4.3.2 01/18/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
Logistyx Technologies Inc. Ship-IT*** 4.x; 5.x; 6.x 05/03/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
Logistyx Technologies Inc. Transportation Management Execution (TME)** 7.14 12/31/2016 9.1.2 Comparison Chart
BluJay Solutions Flagship™ 18.1 03/18/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
Logistyx Technologies Inc. Clippership 01/31/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
CMS GlobalSoft CMS WorldLink v18 09/24/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
ConnectShip® Inc. Progistics™ 6.5, Update O 05/03/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
Creative Logistics Solutions, Inc. InfoShip vx 2.00 03/05/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
Descartes Systems Group Descartes Order Express ShipAPI 1.0.912 07/07/2017 9.1.2 Comparison Chart
Pitney Bowes Canada SendSuite Live 6.15.00 12/31/2016 9.1.2 Comparison Chart
Precision Software PRECISION V18 03/05/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
Proship ProShip® 3.17 11/17/2017 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
SCT Software SCT XPS 9.2.1412  05/03/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
TECSYS Inc.  EliteSeries TMS 9.7.0 11/09/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
ShippingHub Corporate UFMS v16.12.21 01/29/2018 9.3.0 Comparison Chart
Varsity Logistics Inc. Varsity ShipSoft 3.50 12/27/2017 9.3.0 Comparison Chart

** Formerly known as AgileElite.
*** Formerly known as ADSI.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications vary by solution provider. Please contact our commercial providers directly for more details.

Purolator Carrier Compliance Specifications

The Carrier Compliance Specifications (CCS) document describes Purolator`s business rules, system requirements and processes required to successfully implement a Purolator shipping solution. Each major version of the specifications requires a new version of Data File Distribution (DFD). Medium and Low complexity changes are introduced within the current version of Data File Distribution. Purolator is committed to continually improving its IT infrastructure to better serve our customers, as such changes to these specifications can be introduced yearly.

Listed below are the most recent versions of the specifications along with retirement dates of older versions. With the retirement of a version, Purolator will no longer support the versions data file distribution and new implementations of these versions.

Carrier Compliance Specifications Version Data File Distribution Version Release Date Retirement Date   Version Description
5.4.0 (Legacy) NA (Legacy) 2000 12/31/2016 Purolator suite of products and services
6.6.1 700 02/08/2009 12/31/2016 Introducing Purolator’s enhanced suite of products and services (SAP Migration)
8.5.0 800 02/23/2010 12/31/2017 Introducing Evening and Box Products, US & International premium products and Advance Shipment Notification
8.7.0 800 02/28/2011 12/31/2017 Introducing Ground 9AM and Ground 10:30AM products
9.0.0 900 06/11/2013 10/31/2019 Introducing Purolator International & Proactive Notification
9.1.2 900 05/29/2015 10/31/2019 Introducing the Enriched Label
9.3.0 900 06/05/2017   Introducing Express Noon Products, and enhancements to DG & SHS (effective January, 2018)
9.4.0 900 04/28/2019   Introducing QuickShip Products

For an overview of Purolator’s customer responsibility to keep the shipping system up-to-date, please refer to the following sections in Purolator’s Terms and Conditions of Service: Customer’s Own Automated Shipping Systems, Labels, Bar Codes and Bills of Lading.

If you require assistance, call our Technical Support Service Desk at 1 800 459-5599 and one of our technical support representatives will be happy to assist you.