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E-Ship Web Services

We provide a suite of integrated services designed to support the needs of your business. Discover the advantages of our wide range of online and offline solutions below.

Purolator E-Ship® Web Services

Integrate shipping, tracking, estimates, pickups and return capabilities directly into your website, online store, order management systems or custom software application.

Purolator E-Ship Web Services (EWS) is an online-hosted service that is easy to implement and simple to use. We offer five web services available for use at no charge:

Shipping: Ship within Canada, to and from the U.S., and to more than 210 countries and territories worldwide using our extensive suite of delivery services. 

Tracking: Track shipments in real-time using your Purolator Tracking Number / PIN or shipment reference.

Estimates: Get account-specific shipping estimates in seconds.

Pickups: Schedule and modify pickup requests.

Returns: Generate return labels and shipping documents.

EWS is written in Extended Markup Language (XML) and works seamlessly with a variety of applications. You'll also have the flexibility of customizing the appearance and positioning of shipping information on your website to meet your workflow and user interface requirements.

What can EWS do for you?

  • Increase efficiency by integrating shipping into your internal applications and across your supply chain
  • Better manage your revenue by ensuring your shipping rates reflect your actual shipping costs
  • Save time and reduce key-entry errors by automatically creating shipping labels and documents when you receive an order
  • Manage your time by scheduling shipments up to 10 days in advance
  • Integrate return label creation into your shipping process to generate labels for product returns and repairs quickly and easily
  • Provide your customers with a positive and convenient experience with shipping estimates, pickups and tracking capabilities on your website
  • Reduce call centre volume by providing estimates and shipment visibility online

Ready to get started?
We provide our account holders with numerous resources to support their  web services development including:

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Real-world code samples
  • Sample test cases with expected results
  • Developer Forum and Wiki
  • Technical support available via e-mail or the phone

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Purolator E-Ship® Data File Distribution

Integrating with Purolator E-Ship Data File Distribution offers developers complete control and customization of the shipping process, and enables participation in the Purolator E-Ship® Certification Program.

Purolator E-Ship® Certification Program

Shipping solutions developed by corporate customers based on Purolator’s specifications are designed to suit specific needs of the customers' business. The specifications describe the business rules, system requirements and processes necessary to successfully implement a certified Purolator shipping solution.

Potential benefits from using a Purolator certified shipping solution include:

  • Customers have control over the system, processes, development, and support without depending on a separate contractor
  • Control of implementation, costs, customization and maintenance
  • Processing shipments from multiple carriers on a single system, including truckload and less-than-truckload
  • Managing all transportation expenditures from a single system
  • Improving workflow and shipment accuracy by reducing manual processes, such as duplicate data entry
  • Integrating seamlessly with your host systems to automate data transfer
  • Customizing your user interfaces and workflows to meet your specific needs
  • Access to our suite of delivery and specialized services

The Purolator E-Ship Certification Program ensures that your chosen solution has met our standards for product selection, rating, labelling, manifesting and reporting. By certifying your proprietary system, you can be assured that it accurately represents our services.* Shipping solutions developed under the Purolator E-Ship Certification Program must remain compliant and re-certified as needed when Purolator introduces updates to the specifications.

For further information, please forward your inquiries to clientservices@purolator.com

*Customers are responsible for all Purolator initiated updates to their system based on Purolator’s release of data, pricing, and other system files, as well as any updates to the specifications.

Purolator E-Ship® Server API

Purolator E-Ship Server API (ESS API) integrates all ESS shipping functionality into core business systems.

Leveraging the ESS API solution eliminates the need to design, build and support custom applications that enable shipping on your current platform.

To find out if you qualify for ESS API, please contact your Account Executive or 1 888 SHIP-123.

Purolator E-Ship® EDI

Purolator E-Ship EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provides customers with access to data-rich business intelligence from invoices to shipment status in various formats.

Data is shared for the purpose of integrating shipment information into core business systems. Regularly scheduled, data exchange enables you to store and manage the information independently of Purolator. We also offer several communication options, which can make the exchange of electronic data viable for all customers.

The benefits of EDI include optimal cost efficiency, more accurate data, faster turnover times, and improved customer service.

If you require assistance, call our Technical Support Service Desk at 1 800 459-5599 and one of our technical support representatives will be happy to assist you.