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From practical tips you can implement quickly, to long-term big picture strategies, our exclusive white papers can help you improve the efficiency of your business processes to drive profitability.

Comprehensive Guide to Improving your Health Care Supply Chain

Have you given your supply chain a head-to-toe checkup lately? With so much pressure on today’s medical supply companies to do things “faster, better, cheaper,” now is the time rethink and revamp some of the outdated supply chain practices that could keep your company from staying competitive.

Woo them. Win them. Wow them. Your 3-Stage Guide to Building an Omni-Channel Strategy that Works.

Research reveals that Canadian shoppers have high – but often specific – expectations. Meet these expectations and you’re likely to reap the rewards of many more loyal customers. This white paper takes a focused look at precisely what shoppers want from you before, during and post-purchase.

Exploring the landscape of B2B e-commerce… with 100% Canadian data

Online selling isn’t optional anymore for Canadian B2B companies. A 2016 Forrester study* reveals five key trends and offers recommendations regarding Canada’s changing e-commerce landscape. This study explores why customer expectations and online buying behaviour are rapidly changing and how companies like yours are adapting to new business practices in Canada’s B2B e-commerce environment.

Top 5 Features of a Best-in-Class LTL Freight Strategy

B2B companies are under increased pressure to offer greater flexibility, faster deliveries and lower prices. Best-in-class LTL providers are responding to these pain points with more flexible service options, technology-driven efficiencies, and fresh strategies for reducing freight costs and transportation cycles. This exclusive white paper provides a helpful roadmap to maximizing the value of your LTL strategy in today’s B2B environment.

The Importance of Customer Loyalty in B2B E-Commerce

What keeps online buyers coming back? Surprisingly, it’s a lot more than price. This white paper explores using your e-commerce platform to build loyalty when you have the benefit of little or no face-to-face time. Learn proven tactics for detecting dissatisfaction early, upselling and cross-selling effectively, creating a personalized e-commerce experience, leveraging analytics to unlock the hidden keys to loyalty and much more.

Your B2B supply chain: Benefits of a single-source logistics solution

With supply chains becoming more complex, companies are looking to streamline processes and gain operational efficiencies. This white paper examines the core components of a modern B2B logistics strategy and weighs the cost, technology, visibility, security and accuracy benefits of working with one experienced, full-service logistics partner against employing several disparate partners.

Omni-channel retailing and your B2B supply chain

With your competitors a click or call away, a progressive B2B omni-channel supply chain strategy can keep your customers coming back. This white paper investigates how adding shipping options, increasing inventory visibility, exploring innovative warehousing strategies and more can help you (affordably) meet the expectations of today’s B2B buyers.

Take control of your returns and tap into efficiencies

Well-managed returns can be as important as the initial sales themselves. This white paper presents practical strategies for maintaining satisfied customers, minimizing the financial and logistical impact of returns, and recuperating revenue from reusable returns. Many happy returns? They can be with the right reverse logistics strategy.

Adapting your Canadian supply chain for e-commerce efficiency

To meet evolving customer expectations, Canadian retailers are re-evaluating and re-structuring traditional supply chain models. This white paper shares the six key areas to consider when building or modernizing an e-commerce supply chain, along with proven tactics for building agility, and cost-efficiency right in.

Canadian ship-to-store programs benefit both consumers and retailers

More than 700 online customers weigh in on how omni-channel shipping options impact their buying decisions. Plus, eight leading North American retailers with successful omni-channel retail strategies in place share best practices for implementing new shipping options, overcoming common implementation challenges, and tapping into additional revenue streams.

Canadian supply chain innovations and best practices

Supply chains are changing for the better… have you weighed all the options? This insightful white paper evaluates the merits of popular traditional logistics solutions and illustrates the benefits of innovations that are changing the face of supply chain management. Find out how you can implement more cost-efficient inventory management solutions, optimize transportation and turn returns into revenue with a little ingenuity.

*An April 2016 Forrester study “Canada Meets the B2B eCommerce Challenge: Canadian B2B Sellers Embrace eCommerce and Prepare for the Future”