Purolator Inc.

Purolator Invoice Legend - Courier Services

The following legend has been prepared to assist you in understanding the various codes that may be featured on your invoice.

Codes Description
* Cube Factor 1
2 HR/H Purolator Same Day® 2 Hour
30 MIN Purolator Same Day® 30 Minute
3rd Party Third Party
4 HR/H Purolator Same Day® 4 Hour
60 MIN Purolator Same Day® 60 Minute
90 MIN Purolator Same Day® 90 Minute
Addl Handling Additional Handling
Address Corr Address Correction
Beyond Dest Beyond Destination
Beyond Origin Beyond Origin
Box Intl 10:30 Purolator Express® Box International 10:30AM
Box Intl 12 Purolator Express® Box International 12PM
Box Intl 9 Purolator Express® Box International 9AM
Box US 10:30 Purolator Express® Box U.S. 10:30AM
Box US 12 Purolator Express® Box U.S. 12PM
Box US 9 Purolator Express® Box U.S. 9AM
Coll Collect
COS Chain of Signature
Declared Value Declared Value Surcharge
DG <500 kg Exempt Dangerous Goods Exemption 500 kg
DG Fully Regulated Dangerous Goods Fully Regulated
DG Limited Qty Dangerous Goods Limited Quantity
DG UN1845 Dangerous Goods UN1845
DG UN3373 Dangerous Goods UN3373
DIRECT Purolator Same Day® Direct
Dngr Gds Dangerous Goods
Env Intl 10:30 Purolator Express® Envelope International 10:30AM
Env Intl 12 Purolator Express® Envelope International 12PM
Env Intl 9 Purolator Express® Envelope International 9AM
Env US 10:30 Purolator Express® Envelope U.S. 10:30AM
Env US 12 Purolator Express® Envelope U.S. 12PM
Env US 9 Purolator Express® Envelope U.S. 9AM
ESS Undeclared Shipment created on Purolator E-Ship® Server but not declared with corresponding Manifest file.
Exp Purolator Express®
Exp 10:30 Purolator Express® 10:30AM
Exp 9 Purolator Express® 9AM
Exp Box Purolator Express® Box
Exp Box 10:30 Purolator Express® Box 10:30AM
Exp Box 9 Purolator Express® Box 9AM
Exp Box Eve Purolator Express® Box Evening
Exp Box Intl Purolator Express® Box International
Exp Box US Purolator Express® Box U.S.
Exp Chq ExpressCheque®
Exp Env Purolator Express® Envelope 
Exp Env 10:30 Purolator Express® Envelope 10:30AM
Exp Env 9 Purolator Express® Envelope 9AM 
Exp Env Eve Purolator Express® Envelope Evening
Exp Env Intl Purolator Express® Envelope International
Exp Env US Purolator Express® Envelope U.S.
Exp Eve Purolator Express® Evening
Exp Intl Purolator Express® International
Exp Intl 10:30 Purolator Express® International 10:30AM
Exp Intl 12 Purolator Express® International 12PM
Exp Intl 9 Purolator Express® International 9AM
Exp Pac Purolator Express® Pack
Exp Pac 10:30 Purolator Express® Pack 10:30AM
Exp Pac 9 Purolator Express® Pack 9AM
Exp Pac Eve Purolator Express® Pack Evening
Exp Pac Intl Purolator Express® Pack International
Exp Pac US Purolator Express® Pack U.S.
Exp US Purolator Express® U.S.
Exp US 10:30 Purolator Express® U.S. 10:30AM
Exp US 12 Purolator Express® U.S. 12PM
Exp US 9 Purolator Express® U.S. 9AM
Flat Pkg Flat Package
Fuel Surcharge Fuel Surcharge
Gnd Purolator Ground®
Gnd 10:30 Purolator Ground® 10:30AM
Gnd 9 Purolator Ground® 9AM
Gnd Eve Purolator Ground® Evening
Gnd US Purolator Ground® U.S.
Large Pkg Large Package
Manual Ship Manual Shipping
Missing Acct # Missing Account Number
Multipiece MultipieceTM
NFO/PV Purolator Same Day® Next Flight Out
No Manifest PIN identified with no billing record. Billed using either captured or default weight.
Over Max Limit Over Maximum Limit 
Oversized Oversized
Pac Intl 10:30 Purolator Express® Pack International 10:30AM
Pac Intl 12 Purolator Express® Pack International 12PM
Pac Intl 9 Purolator Express® Pack International 9AM
Pac US 10:30 Purolator Express® Pack U.S. 12PM
Pac US 12 Purolator Express® Pack U.S. 10:30AM
Pac US 9 Purolator Express® Pack U.S. 9AM
Res Area Heavywght  Residential Area Heavyweight
Res Sign Req Residential Signature Required
Res. Area Residential Area
Re-used label Shipment sent with a label already used on a previous shipment.
Same Day Purolator Same Day®
Saturday Del. Saturday Delivery
Saturday P/U Saturday Pickup
SDS/MJP Purolator Same Day® Scheduled
Sp Handling Special Handling
Undeclared Shipment created but appropriate billing process not followed.
Void Used Shipment sent using voided PIN. Billed using information captured prior to voiding.