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New Customer Resource Centre

Quick Start Guide - Courier

The Purolator Quick Start Guide is just that−the key information you need to get started with Purolator. In it, you’ll learn how to perform important shipping functions, including:

  • Estimating, creating and tracking a shipment
  • Scheduling a pickup
  • Ordering supplies

Quick Start Guide - Freight

We are pleased to introduce a Quick Start Guide for our Purolator Freight clients using Purolator E-Ship® Server. Included in the guide are step by step instructions to learn how to:

  • Create freight shipments online
  • Get estimates and delivery dates
  • Create bar code labels
  • Complete pick up request

More helpful shipping resources

Labeling your packages
Ensure package delivery with this label placement guide.

Packing the right way
Follow Purolator packaging guidelines and use the right materials every time.

Protecting fragile goods
Package high-value items correctly to keep them safe and secure.

Courier services are just the beginning

Did you know that Purolator offers an integrated suite of supply chain and transportation solutions? The Purolator Solutions Suite is a customizable suite of services designed to drive real, quantifiable results for your business.

Core Services

Domestic Courier Services
Our courier service ensures shipments get to their destinations on time and as promised.*
International Courier Services
Our world-class international delivery services transport packages to and from more than 210 countries and territories worldwide.

Enhanced Services

Supply Chain and Logistics
An integrated, end-to-end solution, from your point of origin, warehousing, through to final delivery and returns management
Technical Integration and Innovation
Information technology solutions to improve critical business processes
Business Optimization
Analysis, insight or the management of business functions to assist customers in running their organizations
Services providing key business information to assist customers in running their organizations