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Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I obtain an estimate?

What types of shipping services does Purolator offer?

Does Purolator provide packaging and shipping supplies?

How do I order Purolator packaging and shipping supplies?

What is considered acceptable packaging?

How do I obtain customs documents?

Can I ship dangerous goods with Purolator?

How do I find a shipping location?

How do I contact Purolator by phone?

I am unable to print my shipping label (bill of lading). What should I do?

How do I reprint a shipping label for the current day that I created using Purolator E-Ship Online?

How do I cancel a shipment I created for the current day on Purolator E-Ship Online (ESO)?

How do I schedule a pickup?

How do I schedule a pickup online without creating a shipment?

How do I modify or cancel a pickup request?

I need to return a shipment that was delivered by Purolator. How do I proceed?

How can I order pre-printed waybills (pre-prints)?