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It’s important to you. That’s why you trust it with us.

At Purolator, the success of Canada’s businesses and communities comes first. We have one of Canada’s largest courier fleets, a wide range of shipping services, and a nationwide reach using our own assets. But it’s our employees who have earned us your trust.

And because we’re Canadian, it means investing in the communities where we live and work with programs like Purolator Tackle Hunger.


Create a better tomorrow for a neighbour in need.

As Canadians, it’s often easy to take for granted how good we have it. We are consistently ranked among the top countries for quality of life. But few of us realize that 1 in 6 households – over 850,000 people – need the help of a food bank every month just to make ends meet. Even more heartbreaking, a third of these people are children. Right here in Canada.

In 2003, Purolator employees decided to take action by creating Purolator Tackle Hunger – an initiative that’s simply about people helping people.

Since then, we’ve delivered more than 18 million meals to families across the country.

But there are many more meals to deliver, and many more Canadians to feed.

We can’t tackle hunger alone.

Looking out for one another is a core Canadian value. We invite you to join us in the Purolator Tackle Hunger program. After all, even one family struggling to put food on the table is one family too many.

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Combine your love for the game
with your passion to help others.

CFL Game Day Food Drives are wonderful opportunities to help those in need. Every monetary donation and non-perishable food item is greatly appreciated!

Not at the game? Simply donate online!

CFL Game Day Food Drive Schedule and Results

Saturday July 7th
90,000 lbs
Saturday July 14th
22,000 lbs
Saturday July 21st
64,502 lbs
Thursday Aug 2nd
108,270 lbs
Saturday Aug 11th
24,920 lbs
Monday Sept 3rd
190,011 lbs
Saturday Sept 8th
15,682 lbs
Sunday Sept 15th
63,314 lbs
Sunday Sept 30th
31,369 lbs

More partnerships and initiatives
for a hunger-free Canada.

From refurbishing and donating Purolator trucks to delivering 20,000 lbs of food items to those in need, we’re always looking for new ways to tackle hunger.

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